Book Two of the Fortress Saga

The adventure continues, in The Fortress Saga, Book 2: Alliances.

The time would come when the Fortress would be in its greatest peril. In that time; when all hope seemed lost, that is when the Prophecy would come to its fruition. That is when the Questers would stand tall.

The Quest stands at a crossroads.

Having travelled all across the Alliance, Dormal and his friends now stand poised to continue their journey to find more of their ilk, but where to go?

An unexpected invitation from the king of Rikaway has given them an opportunity, but is it a blessing in disguise? Will Rikaways’ king, Hazagria be a friend or an enemy to their cause? And how carefully will they have to tread to avoid a diplomatic incident; to say nothing of whether they will even be believed.

And what of the other expected Questers? Where will they be found and how will they find them? The only consolation appears to be that they will be free, for a time at least, from the influence of the Peldraksekhr. But then can they really be sure of that? And what other forces will they encounter that may decide to plot against them?

The odds seem stacked against them as they begin the next stage of their journey, and as things go from bad to worse it seems that nothing else can possibly go wrong…

But then there is still the journey to the Fortress for the answers they truly seek. A place all are forbidden to enter.

But then what’s one more threat of certain death?

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