Mervabda Rising

Book Three of the Fortress Saga.

The adventure continues to strange and dangerous new lands in, The Fortress Saga, Book 3: Mervabda Rising.

The time would come when the Fortress would be in its greatest peril. In that time; when all hope seemed lost, that is when the Prophecy would come to its fruition. That is when the Questers would stand tall.

The Quest is finally complete.

Or at least that is what they’ve been led to believe. The Questers have made the unprecedented journey to the Fortress and learnt the truth about what it is that they’ve been doing.

But there is more to come.

The Questers must now go their separate ways. Dorm and his friends must travel deep into the heart of enemy territory in order to discover the new secret power of the Peldraksekhr. What will it be? And how deadly will it be in their hands?

Indeed how will they even travel freely around the Empire without being detected? As discovery means certain death.

Meanwhile the other group, led by a reluctant Mac, must prepare the Alliance for the war they all fear is coming. A difficult task at the best of times. But the Empire will not make things so easy. Their plans are also in motion, and the Empire plans ahead, and has a very long arm.

Danger stalks both groups as they struggle to complete their parts of the Fortress’ overall plan for victory. The chances for survival are slim, but must be taken no matter the cost.

For if they’re not; then everything will be lost.

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