Talons of the Empire

Book Four of the Fortress Saga

The adventure reaches its most critical juncture in, The Fortress Saga, Book 4: Talons of the Empire

The time would come when the Fortress would be in its greatest peril. In that time; when all hope seemed lost, that is when the Prophecy would come to its fruition. That is when the Questers would stand tall.

The impossible mission is complete.

At least as far as finding out the secrets of the Peldraksekhr are concerned. Dorm and his friends are now in possession of the critical information needed by the Alliance to mount their defence; if such a defence can even be found against such horror.

But they have another problem. How to get back? Pursued relentlessly by those opposed to them, they have become trapped by the very terror they seek to defeat.

Death is ready to strike, but hope springs eternal.

Meanwhile, in the Alliance, the Questers led by Mac, face their own problems, which are just as deadly. Their mission to prepare the Alliance has hit a snag, and the Sultan of Kiama Mor may pay the price.

But that would just be the first death of many. Their allies in the Fortress wait impatiently for their return. Each group’s mission is critical to their success, and that of the Alliance. But nothing in life is ever as easy as we would like.

As the prophecy moves inexorably towards its conclusion, everyone has problems to overcome and hard choices to make. Choices that could betray everything they stand for. But for which there is no other alternative.

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