The Drums Of War

Book One of The Fortress Saga.

A new adventure in epic fantasy begins in The Fortress Saga, Book One: The Drums of War.

The time would come when the Fortress would be in its greatest hour of need. In that time; when all hope had seemed lost, that is when the Prophecy would come to its fruition. That is when the Questers would stand tall.

Or so the story went.

In the Fortress Alliance peace has reigned for five millennia. Aside from a few wars here and there, life has been good. Prince Dormal of Lugemall has much to concern him; his father’s health, the national economy and an upcoming regional conference. The last thing he needed was talk of a quest. Such things never actually happened. No one really had ever gone on a quest. That was just stories.

When he discovers that his heirloom amulet is actually much more than the mere trinket he has always believed, his life is turned upside down. Suddenly the rules of the world don’t apply and fantasy becomes reality. A very dangerous and frightening reality.

Setting out with his closest friends they journey across the Alliance to find the other members of this quest. But questions remain. What is the reality of this quest and the prophecy behind it? What is it that they aren’t being told about it? And what does it actually have to do with the mysterious Fortress? A place that conjures up images of fear and death. And what do the Peldraksekhr; the mortal enemies of the Alliance have to do with it all?

Setting out on a quest he doesn’t understand, Dormal leads his friends and companions into an uncertain world. A world becoming increasingly dangerous and frightening. Along the way they realise that other forces are also on the move. Forces more deadly than mere legend and story. Death awaits them everywhere, and it seems only the Fortress itself can help them.

But then that would be certain death as well.

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