The Keystone

Book Five of The Fortress Saga

The thrilling final chapter to The Fortress Saga, starts here!

The time would come when the Fortress would be in its greatest peril. In that time; when all hope seemed lost, that is when the Prophecy would come to its fruition. That is when the Questers would stand tall.

And so the time has come.

Everything has lead to this point, and there is now no turning back. The Fortress Alliance will stand or fall as fate dictates. Armies are on the move, forces are about to be unleashed, and the world will never be the same again.

But the Questers know that the clash of titanic military strength is only the beginning, and that the real danger lies in what might come after; should the unthinkable happen.

And so they commit themselves to helping the armies do everything they can to prevent that possibility.

But within the Fortress there are those still opposed to their very presence. And if they have their way, they may very well unleash exactly the nightmare scenario the Questers fear is coming.

As the battles begin and the tides of war ebb and flow, Dorm and his friends must face not only the brutal reality of armed conflict, and the pain and suffering it inflicts on them personally, but also the distinct possibility that they cannot prevent what they fear is coming.

As fate twists around them and uses them as it sees fit, the cruelty of life is there for all to see.

But the spark of hope remains.

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